Oracle EBS SOA Gateway testquery does not return “TEST RESPONSE” or get HTTP 404 Not Found error.

Oracle EBS SOA Gateway testquery does not return “TEST RESPONSE” or get HTTP 404 Not Found error.


Checking to see SOA gateway working as expected, Oracle document notes Test Web Service URL to check. (Installing Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway, Release 12.1.3 (Doc ID 556540.1)


If it returns <testresponse>, then the setup is performed successfully and working as expected.

If you got no response page when testing with “http://server_name:port/webservices/SOAProvider/?testquery”, please check the following.

Verify ASADMIN application user is unlocked and password is working.

Check and confirm password of ASADMIN under $ORA_CONFIG_HOME/10.1.3/j2ee/oafm/config/system-jazn-data.xml.


                                <display-name>Default Apps SOA User</display-name>
                                <description>Used by SOAProvider for DB connection</description>

 Note: The password should be preceded by a ‘!’ (Exclamation) so that when OAFM is started, it gets encrypted. For example, if your password is ‘welcome’, then you should write it in the above file as “!welcome”.

Verify that ASADMIN EBS User for ISG and XML Gateway JDBC Connections to the Database is Correctly Implemented. (Doc ID 1089197.1)

  • After correcting the password, bounce oc4j OACORE and OAFM process
  • Clear Global Cache

Login as sysadmin >Functional Admin responsibility> Core Service> Caching Framework>Global Config> Click on Clear Cache


You won’t be able to see the password as it will be encrypted.

select user_name, ENCRYPTED_FOUNDATION_PASSWORD , ENCRYPTED_USER_PASSWORD from fnd_user where user_name = ‘ASADMIN’;

You can check to see if the password is working by executing below.

SQL> select fnd_web_sec.validate_login(‘ASADMIN’,’asadminpw123′) from dual;

Now try the Test Webservice URL. If still errors. Check the ASADMIN role using below query. 

SQL> select role_name from wf_user_roles where user_name=’ASADMIN’;


 SQL> select role_name from wf_user_role_assignments where user_name=’ASADMIN’;


If results missing for any of the queries above. Run the ‘Workflow Directory Services User/Role Validation‘ concurrent program to grant the role.

Batch Size : 10000
User Name : ASADMIN
Fix dangling users : Yes
Add missing user/role assignment : Yes
Update WHO Columns in WF Tables : No

Test Webservice URL.



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